Our R&D team conducts independent research into vital active ingredients. They then create ready-to-sell liposomal food supplement formulations.

Our R&D team conducts independent research into vital active ingredients. They then create ready-to-sell liposomal food supplement formulations.

White Label Supplements

PlantaCorp offers white label formulations to its customers. Depending on the seasonal needs, current market trends and customer feedback, various PlantaCorp teams come together and offer their suggestions for active ingredients that we can produce. The R&D team then conducts a thorough literature survey of one or more of the new ingredient suggestions. Once they are convinced of the utility of producing it as a liposomal supplement, they then coordinate with the Production, Logistics and QM teams.

The highest-quality ingredients are sourced, tested for various physical parameters and test liposomal formulation batches are created. Only when the test batch has passed all the subsequent controls, including for stability and shelf-life, do we label it as a ready-to-sell product. This allows you the option of having us produce one of our own, thoroughly researched, reliable, high-quality ready-to-sell formulations labeled with your own brand.

Our Products

We are able to offer over 45 different, ready-to-sell, white label supplement products. Some of our formulation options include the following:

Liquid Liposomal Proteins and Peptides

Of the 21 amino acids forming the base of all proteins in the body, 9 of them cannot be synthesized by the human body. The production of 6 other amino acids is impaired under certain pathophysiological conditions. Thus, most of the amino acids essential to meet the energy and metabolic demands of the human body need to be met through food. supplementation. The proteins and amino acids segment of the global food supplement market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2020-2027.

Liquid Liposomal Plant Extracts

In traditional medicine, extracts from the various parts of plants have often been promoted to strengthen and regulate the immune system, help with upper respiratory infections, and as potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Liposomal formulations can help overcome the problems of poor water solubility and rapid metabolization of phytoextracts1,2. The global plant extract market, which is growing at a CAGR of 6%, is projected to reach USD 61.30 billion of the food supplement market share by 2025. You could take part in a lion’s share of this market by contacting our Business Development Team today.

Liquid Liposomal Vitamins

Vitamins are organic molecules required in adequate doses for the maintenance and proper functioning of our bodies. Since the global vitamin deficiency treatment market is estimated to reach USD 9.4 billion by 2027, we see a tremendous potential for you to boost your business with liposomal vitamin supplements.

Liquid Liposomal Minerals

Minerals are nutrients that are essential for many biochemical pathways including those involved in the body’s normal energy-yielding metabolism and immune function. A lack of adequate access to a balanced diet leads to a majority of the population always lacking in one or more of the major minerals.

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