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Liposome Research and Development

Our R&D team carries out thorough liposome research into every ingredient that goes into your white label and custom formulations. They are our “go to” if you have any questions about the ingredients you would like to bring into the market. The R&D team works in accordance with the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) directives and standards.

Bioavailability Studies

With the help of an external laboratory, we conduct bioavailability studies with our in-house developed ready-to-sell formulations.

Product Development

As soon as you tell our Business Development Team of the ingredient you would like us to produce, it is our R&D team that conducts research into the ingredient’s suitability for liposomal production. Together with the R&D team, we will come up with the most optimal liposomal product.

Contact our Business Development Team to learn more.​​

Contact our Business
Development Team
to learn more.​​


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Our product catalogue contains more information on creating your own liposomal supplement with us.