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The liposome production process.

Only three ingredients are used in producing our liposomal formulations-oil-free phospholipids, active ingredient(s) and purified water. The ratio in which we mix them and our method of harnessing high-energy ultrasonic waves are key components of our innovative liposomal encapsulation technology.

What Else is Special About PlantaCorp's Production Process?

Continuous, Sustainable Production Process
Our production process is continuous i.e. all the steps from the beginning of the production until the formulations are dispensed into their respective packaging are carried out in one tank. This ensures that we introduce few errors into the production process. The continuous system also enables us to easily scale-up our production volume. All of these aspects provide us with the capability to have very fast turn-around times. Further, we only use green energy bought directly from a local wind generator owner in Northern Germany, for our whole production process. Our production process is, therefore, highly sustainable as well. Click here to read more about our sustainability measures.