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We are ISO 22000, GMP and Organic certified. We are even registered with the US FDA.  

This blog article will outline what these certifications mean for us, our customers and the consumers of liquid liposomal supplements. 

We are aware of the responsibility of the “Made in Germany” title. In our blog post on this topic, we outlined what this unofficial seal of quality means to us and our customers and consumers.  

However, we are also certified by several official authorities. Every step of our liposomal manufacturing process is covered and certified by ISO 22000 and GMP. Thus, we work according to the highest HACCP standards. Additionally, we are BIO (Organic)-certified and USFDA registered.  

This blog post will explain what each of these quality certifications mean and how everyone, including consumers can be assured that they are consuming a quality-certified supplement. 

ISO 22000 

International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is an international standard that implies that an organization is able to provide products and services that are safe and in accordance with their intended use. The ISO 22000 certification, in particular, specifies requirements for a food safety management system (FSMS).  

PlantaCorp’s ISO 22000:2018 certification is in the food category K. This certification covers all aspects of liquid dietary supplements production from warehousing up to filling.  

Further, since every process in every department is documented and validated, one can be assured that the liposomal formulations that we produce are consistently safe at the time of human consumption; and that every batch is of the same quality. 

View more on ISO standards here. 


Good manufacturing practice (GMP) describes the minimum standards that a food supplement manufacturer must meet in their production processes. It covers the complete cycle of production and quality control of a food supplement. This includes having appropriately trained personnel, adequate premises and suitable equipment (GMP guide).  

PlantaCorp’s GMP certification assures you that we follow the European code of practices and general principles of food hygiene. Our certification covers all aspects from the acquisition of materials through all stages of liposomal supplement manufacturing. This includes processing, packaging, quality control, storage and distribution of the finished product. 

Find out more about GMP here. 


GMP-certified manufacturers follow the Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) standards. A HACCP procedure, is a systematic approach to the identification and assessment of the hazards and risks associated with the manufacture, distribution and use of a particular product (GMP guide).  

In the European Union, it is a legal requirement for all food supplement manufacturers to have a HACCP system in place. This science-based and systematic technique helps satisfy all concerned that the products are consistently safe (GMP guide). 

HACCP is an integral part of Good Manufacturing Practice. 

Find out more about HACCP here. 

EU Organic certification 

The EU organic production certification is based on general and specific principles to promote environmental protection, maintain the biodiversity of Europe and build consumer trust in organic products. 

PlantaCorp’s organic certification means that all our organic products follow strict rules from the farm to your finished liposomal product. This includes having a minimum of 95% of organic agricultural ingredients and a limited list of approved additives and processing aids.  

The lecithins that we use in the manufacture of liposomes are from GMO-free sunflowers; also in accordance with the Organic rules.  

Learn more about organic products here. 

US FDA registration 

In order for a food supplement to be sold for consumption in the U.S. markets, the manufacturer is required to register the facility with the FDA. 

PlantaCorp’s registration with the US FDA makes liquid liposomal products that we produce, available to be exported and consumed in the USA.  

Learn more about US FDA-registered products here. 

Now that we have explained the meaning of each of our certifications, we will explain how these can help secure your position in the supplement market.  

PlantaCorp is ISO, GMP and EU Organic-certified. We are also registered with the US FDA.

How do PlantaCorp’s certifications help my business? 

As we highlighted in our article on standing out in the supplement business with liposomal formulations, amongst other assets, profitably meeting a given audience’s demands depends on quality assurance (Ward S 2020).    

“Made in Germany”: Good for business 

On social media, Germany stood out under the “good for business” and “advanced technology” categories (FutureBrand-Country-Index-2019.pdf). 

By partnering with us, you can use the “Made in Germany” tag to your advantage. You will be able to target consumers who value quality. Using hashtags like “advanced technology” will be justified. This will only further help drive the case for the effectivity of liposomal supplements compared to traditional food supplements. 

Quality certifications (ISO 22000 and GMP): Raising consumer confidence 

Since these are international standards, the quality certifications that we have are recognised worldwide.  

Although our customers are forbidden from using the official logos or versions thereof, of our ISO and GMP certifications, a mention in writing such as,” This product was manufactured in an ISO 22000- and GMP-certified facility” may be used. Consumers will therefore be aware that they are consuming a quality-certified product. This can serve to raise consumer confidence. Further, it has been proven that consumers are willing to pay the price for a premium quality product (Ward S 2020). 

Finally, the ISO certification contributes to three of seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs)- eradication of hunger, good health & well-being and responsible consumption & production (ISO). You can, therefore, sell and consume the liposomal formulations that we manufacture, with a good conscience.  

Organic certification: Catering to consumer preferences 

The European Union organic logo gives a coherent visual identity to organic products produced in the EU (Organic logo guide). This makes it easier for consumers to identify organic products. 

Did you know that 83% of American families buy organic products and that organic foods comprise over 5% of retail food sales in the US (Nastu J 2018)? In Brazil, 64% of consumers buy organic foods as they are considered healthier (Nastu J 2018).  

Since the consumer demand for organic products is increasing, having an organically certified supplement can only strengthen your own market position.  

FDA registration: Opening new markets 

Since our production facility is registered with the US FDA, a whole new market for liquid liposomal supplements is now available for you to explore! Alternately, if you wish to start your own liposomal supplement business in the US and are looking for a trusted manufacturer, we can help you. 

Contact us today to kick-start your supplement business or to expand your supplement product portfolio with liquid liposomal vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and more.  


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