Is Liposomal Supplement Delivery Better?

When consuming any form of food supplement the main aim is for the active ingredient to enter the cells. To do this the active ingredient needs to reach the bloodstream. Through the bloodstream, the supplement can reach the cells of our tissues and the ingredient can be successful. Because of this, active ingredient delivery is very important. But what is active ingredient delivery and why might liposomal active ingredient delivery be better?

In this short article, we’ll explore why active ingredient delivery is so important to the success of supplements. We’ll also be looking at why liposomal active ingredient delivery is efficient and how it compares to conventional supplements.

What are Liposomes?

In a previous article, we’ve covered more in-depth on what liposomes are and their function. But, to give a brief description, they are a spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer. This vesicle encapsulates supplements that allow for rapid and efficient entry to the body.

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Why is Active ingredient delivery Important?

Active ingredient delivery is the process of a substance entering the body. There are different active ingredient and drug delivery systems that increase the efficiency of that drug and/or supplement. The main aim of taking a supplement is for the substance to reach the bloodstream where they can reach the bodies cell tissue.

Active ingredient delivery Systems

There are multiple forms of active ingredient delivery systems, in our case we will look at three: normal pills, injections, and liposomes..

Normal Pills

Normal pills are often the only choice for supplement consumption but are also the most flawed. Normal food supplement pills are very inefficient. The inefficiency leads to a high percentage of the supplements substance not reaching the goal of the bodies cell. This is due to the substance travelling through the harsh stomach which destroys a large amount of the substance. The intestines are very selective on what is absorbed and what is not. This, in turn, leads to a lower bioavailability and therefore reduces the success of the supplement.

Delivery By Injection

Injection of medication and supplements is highly efficient and fast-acting. This form of active ingredient delivery avoids the stomach and many of our bodies filters and enters directly into the bloodstream. This leads to a fast and efficient bioavailability. However, it is more expensive and comes with a lot more complications than orally consumed supplements. Because of this, it is very rare to actively inject supplements into the body.

Liposomal Active ingredient Delivery

Liposomes bridge the gap between these two systems. Offering simple oral admission into the body, but using research to avoid the majority of the bodies filters. However, it is typically more expensive than conventional pills, but not as expensive as an injection. In this case, liposomes active ingredient delivery is better than the alternatives as it offers a best of both worlds scenario.

Why Are Liposomes so Much Better Absorbed?

Research has discovered that liposomal formulations protect the active ingredient. This protection prevents damage to the ingredient and also helps increase the absorption speed. It uses a “trojan horse” method that means the body absorbs the active ingredient as a priority. We explain this more in our previous article explaining what liposomal means.

You can find out more about this in our previous article.

Liposomal Active ingredient delivery: The Bottom Line

Liposomes are more efficient in the process and absorption of active ingredients. This increased speed and higher bioavailability mean the substance is more effective in small doses. However, it is more expensive than regular pills but less expensive than injection.

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