Private Label & Contract Manufacturer of Liposomal Food Supplements

High effectivity

Liposomal supplements have a scientifically proven, significantly higher bioavailability than non-liposomal products.

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Give your consumers the maximum benefit of the nutrients they consume with our internationally certified liposomal technology.

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Full service

You choose the ingredients & packaging. We do the rest and deliver a finished liquid liposomal product with YOUR branding.

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liposome contract manufacturing

Build Your Liposomal Supplement Business

PlantaCorp GmbH develops custom liposomal formulations for and with our customers. Our completely confidential production process, allows you to place your trust in us. With our expertise and your passion, we can help develop your very own formula.

The Liposomal Supplement Business

Being a liposomal supplement manufacturer, we think it is important to introduce you to the commercial aspects of liposomes. Read on to find out why the niche liposomal food supplements market is a lucrative business opportunity.

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