For practical reasons, most supplements are consumed orally. This means that the vitamins, minerals or botanicals must pass through the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract, starting with the mouth, the stomach and finally in to the intestines for absorption. Unfortunately, unprotected substances are often damaged in this way due to the digestive enzymes in the mouth or the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach. Even if they manage to survive their journey to the intestine, it is possible that the intestinal wall can only absorb a part of the product.

In our liquid liposomal formulations, active ingredients pass through the mouth and stomach, largely unharmed, thanks to the encapsulation of the ingredients in liposomes. Upon intestinal absorption, PlantaCorp liposomes are diverted towards the intestinal lymphatic system and not into the portal vein. This means that rather than passing through the liver, the liposome-encapsulated ingredient directly reaches the blood stream. Therefore, the active ingredients reach the bloodstream without passing the liver, which causes an increase in bioavailability. 

You can read more about the liposome absorption process on our blog.

Liposomes are produced in a liquid atmosphere. When liposomal formulations are dried, the structure of the liposomes can no longer be maintained, and the liposomes dissociate. 

We conducted a bioavailability study that compared liquid and powder forms of vitamin C. This study proved that the bioavailability of the powdered liposomal form was as poor as a non-liposomal powder product. In comparison, the liquid liposomal vit. C had a very high bioavailability. 

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We are able to offer over 25 different, ready-to-sell, white label products. All products can also be adapted to make them unique to yourself with flavors and sweeteners, or by even changing the formulas. 

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This completely depends on the product. A key factor influencing the amount of an active ingredient that a formulation can have is its water solubility.

Other factors to take into consideration include:

  • The ratio between active substance and phospholipid
  • The physical properties of each ingredient- pH, solubility (in water or fat)

Our production and R&D experts can provide information on the best recipe, to give you a well-balanced, stable and highly functional product. Contact Us.

Depending on your packaging the MOQ changes. It would be best to speak to your Business Development team for more information.

We normally calculate with a lead time of 4 weeks, as long as we have all components of the production in stock. However, please ask us prior to ordering.

We can assist you with your desired packaging option. 

Currently, we offer the following options, among others:

  • Glass bottles
  • PET bottles
  • Bulk packaging

Should you have other ideas, we can offer to use your desired packaging by

  • Shipping them to our facility, or
  • Ordering them directly

Whatever solution you have in mind, do talk to us about it. 

We can print labels in cooperation with our print supplier. Our Marketing team can help you with preparing your labels for printing as well. Please talk to your personal Business Developer to assist you in finding the best option.

The freight costs depend on the dimensions of the consignment and the shipping destination. Order-specific information can be discussed with your Business Development partner.

Since we produce liquid liposomal formulations, you could consume them pure or mix them with water or other cold liquids, like juices. 

Contact our Business Development Team to learn more.​​

Contact our Business
Development Team
to learn more.​​