Let us manufacture your own custom liposomal formulation

Your formulation, your product

Custom Liposomal Supplements

Since we offer liposomal contract manufacturing services, you can be assured of producing your own unique product right from the word “go”. All you have to have is an idea of what ingredient you would like to bring into the market. You can also decide whether you would like to produce it as a completely new formulation or a modification of our ready-to-sell products. From there on, our R&D experts and Business Development Team will help you design your liposomal product.

From product formulation up to product packaging, the PlantaCorp team will be sure to take the exact same care as we do with producing our white label solutions. You can, therefore, be assured of a high-quality product. You will also be able to trace every ingredient in your formulation back to its origin. Further, every step of our product co-development process is strictly confidential.

The Fastest Way to Your Own Liposomal Product

Because bringing your own product into the market is a very personal experience, all of us at PlantaCorp, work to provide you with the best possible experience in realizing your dreams.

Our Product Catalogue

Are you looking for vitamin, mineral or plant extract supplement inspiration? Our product catalogue can give you some ideas along with packaging options and more. 

For more information. Here’s how you can reach us.

For more information.
Here’s how you
can reach us.


Need inspiration?

Our product catalogue contains more information on creating your own liposomal supplement with us.