Officially certified by...

PlantaCorp’s ISO 22000 certification implies that as a supplement manufacturer, we are able to provide liposomal formulations and services that are safe and in accordance with their intended use. 

View more on ISO standards here.


PlantaCorp’s GMP certification assures you that we follow the European code of practices and general principles of food hygiene throughout the complete cycle of production and quality control of liposomal supplements. 

Find out more about GMP here.

PlantaCorp’s organic certification means that all our organic products have a minimum of 95% of organic agricultural ingredients. We also adhere to the limited list of approved additives and processing aids.  

Learn more about organic products here. 

PlantaCorp’s registration with the US FDA makes our liquid liposomal products available to be exported and consumed in the USA.  

Learn more about US FDA-registered products here. 

The “Innovative through Research” seal is awarded, by the Stifterverband, to all companies that are actively researching and developing in Germany. We were awarded this seal upon taking part in their biennial full survey of business research and development in Germany.

Read more about the “Innovativ durch Forschung” seal here.