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Did you know that the liposomal drug delivery market is valued at a projected market value of 40 B€ in 2024?

In our blog post on the liposomal supplement business, we have already mentioned how PlantaCorp’s liposomal products can help make your supplement business successful. In this post, we will outline a few more advantages of joining this extremely profitable niche market.

Global spending on health has more than doubled in the past two decades. According to the World Health Organization, the global health expenditure (% of GDP) increased from 9.03% in 2001 to 9.83% in 2019 (1). This means that in 2019 alone, USD 8.5 trillion was spent on health.  

With increasing public concern and awareness about health, are you looking to embark on a journey to find food supplements that could truly provide the benefits that they promise?  

“Everything I read about conventional food supplements suggested that the full potential of vitamins and plant substances in them were not achieved. That’s when I came across the potential of liposomes.”

Jan Braband, Founder, PlantaCorp GmbH 

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The liposomal food supplement niche market  

A niche market is a segment of a larger market that has its own demands and preferences (2). In the supplement market, the demand of consumers is that nutrients support their health and bodily functions, in accordance with scientifically approved health claims.  

The consumer preference is for natural-based, easy-to-consume supplements that cater to a wide range of audience. This range not only includes the age of the audience but dietary preferences and lifestyle choices as well.  

We are convinced that, PlantaCorp-produced liposomal food supplements can satisfy the demands and preferences of customers and help you carve a niche within the broader supplement market. 

How can PlantaCorp’s liposomal products cater to consumer demands and preferences? 

Vitamins, minerals and plant extracts enclosed within liposomes have a proven higher bioavailability than traditional supplement forms. You can read more on this topic here.  

Through our scientifically conducted bioavailability studies, we have proven that PlantaCorp’s liposomal formulations can especially cater to the demands of supplements that work.  

You can read more about bioavailability here. Our Business Development team will be happy to share the results of our bioavailability studies. 

The liposomes that we manufacture are from sunflower-derived phospholipids and are free from harsh chemical additives. The flavour additives that we offer are also of 95% fruit origin. Thus, by choosing to have PlantaCorp produce your liposomal supplements, you will cater to your customers’ preference for a natural-based product as well.  

Additionally, our formulations are all certified allergen-free according to EU Regulation 1169/2011. All of our standard formulations are also fully vegan, thus making them compatible with almost all dietary preferences. 

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“The more specialized the products you offer, the less competition there will be.”     

Finally, our experience with a broad range of ingredients means that you can provide liposomal supplements for any lifestyle segment. For example, we recommend that you test the liposomal sports supplement market. With the easing of restrictions worldwide since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus in 2022 is on active lifestyles. Food supplements for the sports category have, therefore, gained popularity. Sport supplements are especially popular amongst young consumers (3).

We recommend that you add liposomal vitamin D3-K2, magnesium and iron to your sports supplement portfolio.  

“We are constantly looking for new formulations and customers who will explore the many possibilities of liposomal food supplements with us.”

Jan Braband, CEO, PlantaCorp GmbH 

Advantages of the liposomal food supplement niche market 

Low entry barrier  

Almost a decade ago, the market for food supplements was extremely fragmented. This enabled PlantaCorp to establish itself as one of the pioneers of the liposomal supplement industry.  Although the awareness of liposomes has grown since, there is still plenty of opportunity to give businesses a chance to take advantage of a larger market share and less price competition.   

Further, since the food supplement market is less regulated than the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry, it is a good starting point to join a market with few entry barriers (4). 

With market predictions that the global food supplement market is likely to reach USD 230.73 billion by 2027 (5), it is but reasonable to expect that the liposomal food supplement market would be able to encash its share.  

Registering a CAGR of 8.2%, the global supplement market is predicted to reach USD 230.73 billion by 2027 (5)

In fact, in 2019, the estimation of liposomes for nutraceutical purposes was around 1.7 M€ worldwide with and estimated market volume of 3.12 B€ (4). 

High profit margins 

Customers are willing to pay a premium price for products with special assets. However, “Profitably meeting a given audience’s demands depends on specialization, quality assurance, and communication with one’s target audience.” (2).  

The liposomal supplements that we manufacture are unique due to our filed-for-patent technology. Further, since our entire production process is quality-certified, your product automatically carries the seal of quality.  

“We had several test products; you could clearly taste the difference in the PlantaCorp versions, especially in quality”

Martin Honec, Managing Director, KolagenDrink, Slovakia

Our efforts to educate our audiences through our blog, newsletters and social media posts help spread the word about liposomal supplements as THE new standard. We hope that this can serve as inspiration for you to win the trust of your audience as well. 

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Since the liposomal supplements market landscape is still quite open, companies of any size can navigate their way through it. Start-ups as well as established pharma companies have the scope to gain their share of exclusive clients. We can attest to this as we produce liposomal supplements for several small business entrepreneurs and for established names in the beauty and pharma sector. 

“Other PlantaCorp clients are not seen as competitors, but as comrades-in-arms for the same cause: making the effects of liposomal supplements better known.”

Diana Neto, Director of Business Development of ActiNovo 

Customer loyalty 

In the end, a business can survive and be profitable only if it has a strong customer base. You can achieve this in the liposomal supplement niche because you will be able to provide a unique, efficient, high-quality product. A good product automatically translates into higher customer brand loyalty.  

Ready to carve a spot for yourself in this niche? We’d be happy to discuss co-development opportunities with you. 

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