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Our Company

A good story always starts with a protagonist under special circumstances.

From a small company to a global player.

Established in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg in 2015, PlantaCorp was founded by Jan Braband who was soon joined by Rinat Albetkov. What started as a 1-man company, has now grown to a 70+ strong workforce in 5 short years. This is possible because we have always believed in the potential of liposomal formulations to revolutionize the dietary supplements industry. While liposomal formulations are known to deliver active ingredients directly and unharmed into the bloodstream, we enhance our ingredients’ full potential by utilizing a confidential and patent-pending process named LipoSone with extremely sophisticated machinery. This technology is developed by our own Engineering and R&D department.

PlantaCorp Germany is thus a leader among a mere handful of global liposome production companies, with a tremendous head start. PlantaCorp continues to capitalize on this advantage to improve its processes and products and to be able to lead the market for many years to come. We aim to deliver liposomal products to business customers worldwide and conquer the global market with unparalleled quality and efficiency. Besides our success as an enterprise, we have a strong commitment to providing a revolutionary and extremely powerful product to a broad audience. With dietary supplement regulations as a legal base, we empower individuals to positively influence their health and lives.


Founding of PlantaCorp

PlantaCorp Trading UG in Hamburg, Germany is established as a liposomal business. Jan Braband is the Managing Director.


Start-Up Phase

A 45 sq.m. former tailor’s shop in Hamburg’s Eppendorf district serves as PlantaCorp’s first headquarters. Rinat Albetkov joins the team as co-CEO and shareholder.


Rapid Growth

PlantaCorp Trading UG is now PlantaCorp GmbH. PlantaCorp moves into a 300 sq.m facility. ActiNovo is established as PlantaCorp’s B2C associate.


Enter a New Business Segment

PlantaCorp enters the white label solutions B2B sector. By the end of the year, the team is 32 members-strong, requiring another move to an even bigger facility.  


High Growth Dynamics

PlantaCorp’s production facility receives ISO 22000 and GMP certifications. PlantaCorp’s LipoSone™ technology, used to produce highest quality liposomal formulations, is filed for patent. PlantaCorp UK Ltd. is established. PlantaCorp distributes products to approximately 30 000 end-users and business customers worldwide.


Becoming a Global Player

Production reaches a new high of 2,160 L of a liposomal formulation in a single day. The production facility moves to its own 1,500 sq.m. facility in West Hamburg. The company now carries out business in 30 countries worldwide. The annual turnover increases by 130% compared to 2019.


Reaching New Heights

Our latest bioavailability study comparing PlantaCorp’s liquid liposomal vit.C with a competitor’s powdered liposomal vit. C shows that the liquid supplement is 21-times more bioavailable. New base formulations are being created for white labeling purposes. The new production facility is operational and has an increased production capacity.

Our Principle

PlantaCorp’s brand philosophy is based on the premise of being interested in the well-being of every individual, within and outside the company. 


PlantaCorp aims to create a new perspective on food supplements by making our unique liposomal technology available to everyone.


A world where liposomal technology has successfully replaced traditional and inefficient food supplements.


We create the future with our modern, innovative technology. By using scientific knowledge, we design stable liposomes. Enabling the potential of thousands of vital substances creates awareness about new supplement standards that maximize everyone's health.


All PlantaCorp employees work respectfully and with integrity. We wish to make a difference through meaningful products and services. Our advanced technology is only possible because of our willingness to research and create.

We believe in making a positive
impact on the dietary supplement
market and the environment.

We believe in making a positive impact on the dietary supplement market and the environment.